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Seer Medical At-Home Epilepsy Diagnostic System

This reliable at-home seizure monitoring device, which has been used by 800 patients nationally in the past 18months. Seer Medical co founder Dean Freestone said the technology is now available to build patient-specific predictors, which rightly treats epilepsy as a family of disorders, not one disease. “ We found there is a pattern to seizures that patients and neurologists don’t realise” Dr Freestone stated. “Some patients are more likely to have their seizures on a tuesday, while others will have a seizure if they’ve slept poorly and the weather is hot” 

Seer Medical has collaborated with the Mayo Clinic & King’s College in London, to create an exciting new breakthrough for epileptic’s, a seizure forecasting system, they are testing this device over the next three years.  “We believe we will be able to solve seizure forecasting in three years” Dr Freestone said.

 “This will enable patients to get control back in their lives and it opens the door to new therapies.

This device aids in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy at home. It offers an at home EEG service (video), which allows you to measure your own brain activity from the comfort of your own home, at anytime. Using this information, it allows us to see what patterns occur at the time of onset of a seizure, and when a seizure is occurring. The aim is that once enough data is collected, we’ll be able to build accurate seizure forecasts.

The System consists of

Sensors to measure your brain (EEG)

Sensors to measure your heart (ECG)

Harness that secures over the chest and holds

    A data recorder to store the EEG/ECG signals (information)

    A battery pack to power the system

 As previously stated, you will be given a video recording kit. It is easy to use, it will capture the behavioural & physical aspects of the seizure or time frame. It also stores data and is a communication hub.

 This is superior new technology as in diagnostics, and allows it to be convenient and accessible as well.

The Process

First of all, you will need to get a referral from your Doctor.

Once you have your referral, call the Seer Medical Service number in your area. A representative will then be in touch with you to make your appointment to connect the monitoring system.

You will also need to fill in a patient registration form before your first visit. 



The monitoring system is fitted at a Seer clinic. Connecting the electrodes usually takes about an hour.

 You will be given instructions on how to prepare, and what to expect prior to the connection appointment. It’s great to know that this service is fully bulk billed, so there is no out of pocket expense.



Ambulatory video EEG and ECG are recorded from the comfort of your own home. Typically the recording period is between 4-7 days (max 10 days). The events are logged using the Seer app.

Reporting events and Disconnecting 

The data is analysed on the Seer Cloud and is made available to the client on their Web platform. A detailed report is also sent to the referring doctor for follow-ups.


How does Seers seizure gauge compare to a routine EEG & 24hr monitoring?

This monitoring device has 10 – 20 EEG and ECG setup uniquely for comfort and stability for long term wear. It has a wide-angle HD video camera to capture symptoms, and all of this is streamed to Seer’s Cloud so you get the full picture and data. 


Diagnostics (according to Seer medical)

                Seer device    Routine EEG        Ambulatory Monitoring

Monitoring Duration        Up to 10 days    20-30 minutes        24 hours

Diagnostic Yield        very high    very low        medium

Accessibility            high        low           low

Behavioural Measurement    yes        no            no

Video                yes        yes            no

Convenience            high        medium        high

Comfort            high        low            medium

Report                quantitative    qualitative        qualitative


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